Training Up A Child: How to Have a “Clean” Home School

Do you struggle to keep a clean home? Are you tired of the "Chore Wars?" Does your home drive you to distraction? Do you feel guilty when teaching your children because the home is not running smoothly? Do you periodically stop everything to ditch the guilt by cleaning your home, only to feel guilty, because you are not spending time enriching your children's minds? This is a modern dilemma and you are not alone!

In 2013, I was asked to speak on this topic at a home education Conference in Oregon. Most mothers experience this, be they sending their children to public, private, charter, and even many who homeschool. This is not even a strictly American problem. I have spoken to mothers in other countries and find that they are in the same boat! Many moms contacted me privately and requested I share a pdf of the notes used for the presentation I gave at the conference.

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How were you trained in habits for a whole life? 

Enjoy the Journey!


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