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The Power of an Hour and Language Arts Part II- Living Writing

This is part two in a two part post.  For part one read here first. Many parents use the Power of an Hour as their full curriculum and as a springboard to further learning. We suggest you start simple and build the habit, before expanding. For those desiring further writing experiences we suggest a four […]

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Power of an Hour and Language Arts Part I

What are Language Arts anyway? Language Arts usually include those arts of communication necessary to speak, read, and write. These arts include but are not limited to: Listening, Comprehension, Organizational Skills, Oral Composition Skills, Reading, Vocabulary, Penmanship, Spelling,  Grammar, Written Composition Skills, Presentation, Public Speaking, Research Skills, Note-Taking Skills, and  Computer Literacy. Does Power of an Hour include Language […]

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Can Power of an Hour be Used to Homeschool?

Moms, are you overwhelmed with trying to teach children in different ages?Are you tired of spending time preparing, when you would rather spend the time with your children?Do you need a curriculum that is easy to use?Are you struggling with establishing consistency in structuring your learning time in home school?Do you need something that is […]

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Just What is the Power of an Hour?

Are you:* Feeling exhausted, because you are missing sleep preparing for the next day’s lessons? * Spending too much time searching the internet trying to cobble together a curriculum?* Tired of spending hours fighting through long lessons that are obviously too long for your child’s attention span?* Unsure of what knowledge to cover in homeschool […]

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June 5, 2015

Tutorial for Dining Table Geography

Years ago we remodeled our kitchen and it left nowhere to place our maps for school.  One day I took the maps out to look at them.  Because they were laminated and rolled up, they were curled and would not lay flat. I got out my blow dryer to relax the maps flat.  My daughter […]

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The Bicycle Approach to Homeschool

Keep Pedaling and Moving Forward!When parents begin to homeschool, many look for a curriculum as a vehicle to help move their children towards being educated. Maybe the vehicle is not just a curriculum, but taking other things into account that impact children’s heart, allegiance, character, work ethic, brain development, core body balance, executive function, socialization […]

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