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The Dirty Little Secret about Children and Chores

Do your children make enormous messes?Are you feeling overwhelmed with those creative messes?Does it feel like the mess will never end?You are not alone. Many moms today feel the same way.I had children that were imaginative and they mobilized anything they could find to build vast cities across the family room floor. Eventually, every game […]

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The Need for an Education for a Whole Life

My daughter brought this quote to my attention. It was written in 1913. The writer was college educated and this was during the time that women of the upper middle class had the opportunity. Now women of all stations in life can access a college education. We are another one hundred and three years down […]

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5 Great Laundry Tips!

Laundry never seems to end. There is always more laundry to do tomorrow. Streamline doing laundry. Invite your family to a folding party. Laundry Day is always more enjoyable when shared!  Laundry Tip One: Sorting Divide the whites from colors and delicate weight fabric from heavier fabrics. I do towels, sheets, whites, color heavy, color […]

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