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August 5, 2015

Leadership Education: An Unsurpassed Education

The individual approach to education is the oldest form of education; it began in the home, before schools were ever created. For devout religious societies such as the Ancient Israelites, this kind of education was passed from parent to child within the home. Many great masters in the arts have been very successful with this […]

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The Bicycle Approach to Homeschool

Keep Pedaling and Moving Forward!When parents begin to homeschool, many look for a curriculum as a vehicle to help move their children towards being educated. Maybe the vehicle is not just a curriculum, but taking other things into account that impact children’s heart, allegiance, character, work ethic, brain development, core body balance, executive function, socialization […]

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April 24, 2015

Welcome to the Mentoring Our Own Blog!

Welcome to my Mentoring Our Own blog. This is my new, optimized, all-in-one website. I will blog here about homeschool, home, family, and life! That about covers everything, doesn't it? Mentoring Our Own was originally a yahoo group I started in January 2002. The group was an online home for our local homeschool study group. […]

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