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November 30, 2015

How Can We Overcome the Entitlement Mindset?

Our culture cultivates an entitlement mindset. In the name of equality and fairness, children receive awards for showing up, rather than for the accomplishment. Children are promoted through grades to remain with peers, not because of mastery or readiness to learn new knowledge. To learn money management, children receive allowances they did not earn. Children […]

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August 14, 2015

Professional Education of Today

Professional education of today, grew out of the medieval guilds, associations, and the cathedral schools that Charlemagne proposed. Charlemagne saw the need for educated clergy and local government officials. He wanted to make the education available to any boy who was smart enough and wanted to. Priests running cathedrals and monasteries were asked to create […]

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August 12, 2015

Public School: A Conveyor Belt

This may surprise many, but when our Founding Fathers created this nation, they made no provision for public schools run at the Federal level. Yes, they debated the need for schools and whether it was a state of Federal issue. Nothing was mentioned about schools in the U.S. Constituttion or Bill of Rights. In the […]

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Can Power of an Hour be Used to Homeschool?

Moms, are you overwhelmed with trying to teach children in different ages?Are you tired of spending time preparing, when you would rather spend the time with your children?Do you need a curriculum that is easy to use?Are you struggling with establishing consistency in structuring your learning time in home school?Do you need something that is […]

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Just What is the Power of an Hour?

Are you:* Feeling exhausted, because you are missing sleep preparing for the next day’s lessons? * Spending too much time searching the internet trying to cobble together a curriculum?* Tired of spending hours fighting through long lessons that are obviously too long for your child’s attention span?* Unsure of what knowledge to cover in homeschool […]

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