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His Word in the Heart of a Child: New Testament Stories for Children

Children love the stories of Jesus and other Bible stories. Here is a list compiled by Penny Gardner and posted here compliments of Penny Gardner. Highlights from the New Testament  The Gospels Zach & Elisabeth have a Baby–Luke 1:5-25 Angel Visits Mary–Luke 1:26-38 Angel Visits Joseph–Matt1:18-24 Mary and Elisabeth–Luke 1:39-56 Birth of John the Baptist–Luke […]

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His Word in the Heart of a Child: Old Testament Stories for Children

Highights from the Old Testament  Compiled by Penny Gardner In the Beginning—Genesis 1:1-31 Garden of Eden—Genesis 2:1-10; 15-25 The Serpent—Genesis 3:1-24 Cain and Abel—Genesis 4:1-16 Seth—Genesis 4:25-26; 5:1-8; opt: 5: 9-32 Noah—Genesis 6:5-22 Ark and Animals—Genesis 7:1-16 The Flood—Genesis 7:17-24; 8:1-5 The Raven and the Dove—Genesis 8:6-22 God’s Promise—Genesis 9:1-17 The Sons of Noah—Genesis 9:18-29 […]

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His Word In the Heart of a Child: Sharing Bible Stories with Children

"Children Enjoy the Bible.––We are apt to believe that children cannot be interested in the Bible unless its pages be watered down––turned into the slipshod English we prefer to offer them." Charlotte Mason. I agree, when it comes to bible study, children do well with studying the stories. They do not need to have Bible […]

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The Bicycle Approach to Homeschool

Keep Pedaling and Moving Forward!When parents begin to homeschool, many look for a curriculum as a vehicle to help move their children towards being educated. Maybe the vehicle is not just a curriculum, but taking other things into account that impact children’s heart, allegiance, character, work ethic, brain development, core body balance, executive function, socialization […]

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