Private Mentoring

Face timeOver the years, I have mentored hundreds of mothers. Lately, I have had many requests from homeschool mothers for mentoring. On a few occasions, mothers passed around a clipboard during presentations with the title "Please Mommy Me" or "Please Mentor Me" at the top of the page and a list of names were signed below. At the request of mothers, I am now offering one-on-one mentoring again. I want to help you become Victory Ladies and find confidence and joy in homeschooling your children.

Often the moms I speak with online, who email, or call me are burning out trying to work through the challenges of homeschooling on their own. Sometimes, moms have bought into myths that stymie them. Other moms have jumped from one curriculum to another seeking a silver bullet. When homeschooling is not working, it is easy for moms to get discouraged.

Are you new to homeschooling, or are you a veteran of homeschooling? Is homescholing working for you?  Are you discouraged? Have you bought into the myths about homeschooling? Are you unsure of how to begin? If so, let's reason together, assess your difficulties, and develop strategies to move forward, to move towards victory.

What is Needed to Get Started?

I invite you to mail me today for a questionnaire and to set your first appointment.The questionnaire will help me use our time together in a more effective way. We can meet as many times as you need. I will include an evaluation of your assessment (before we meet), our mentor session, and then the email follow up, summarizing our visit. There are no minimum number of sessions. You just purchase what you need. Sessions are no more than once a week. After each session I will send an email summary of our conversation. To email me click on the contact button in the upper navigation bar. Private mentoring is one-on-one and is done via the phone or as the woman in the picture, online.