What To Do About The 3 Biggest Homeschool Challenges Homeschool Moms Face

Look at the picture of the mother and daughter. Do you sense a feeling of happiness in their expressions? You can too, as you work through the three biggest challenges many homeschool moms face. Three of the biggest challenges most homeschool moms face are:

1. Lack of good habits and organizational skills.

2. Looking to the public school classroom as a pattern for homeschool learning and teaching.

3.  Over commitment to offerings outside the home.

What can you do?

If you lack good habits and organizational skills, you can still do this!!! Establishing good habits and organizational skills does take time. So, be patient with yourself. Take baby steps. We must first train ourselves! Then we can train our children. The Discipline of Habit is a cornerstone of a happy home and a key to an education for a whole life. Once we help ourselves, we are better able to help our children. Join the 90 Day Challenge on Our Mentoring Our Own Facebook Group and participate in the weekly thread in developing habits one at a time.

If you have been looking to the current public school model as a pattern for your homeschool and if you are trying to teach one child or children of different ages, consider a family centered approach. The one room school house (ORSH) or cottage school model has always prepared children better for college and life than the age/grade model currently in use in our schools. The ORSH approach is unsurpassed! The one room schoolhouse approach is more effective both academically and socially, than dividing children by age into grades. Yet, for most of us, we only know the age/grade divided public school classroom approach. The Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education is a family centered ORSH Approach. You can easily implement a 21st Century One-Room Schoolhouse Approach in your home.  Power on and Hour is a unique modern system that has worked for hundreds of home school families.  

Lastly, is over-commitment to offerings outside the home getting you down? Then opt out! Socialization begins at home. Children do not need the level of peer to peer (age mate) interaction that moms are lead to believe. I am not suggesting social isolation. I am suggesting keeping outside commitments to a minimum. Less is more. Do less of the trendy have more time to teach your children and so you can spend more time with your family in meaningful ways.  

Moms, you can do this. You can overcome these three biggest challenges. 

Enjoy the Journey!

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