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Homeculture is what families do together. It includes family daily rhythms, routines, daily family ways, and family traditions. I really enjoy this time of year as everything begins to bud out and green up. During the warm months our family culture is one of embracing the out of doors. We do a lot of Alfresco living on the front porch, BBQ cooking, time with friends and family in the Secret Garden, as well as the tradition to work together and to garden. I love to grow, fruit, herbs, and veggies. Growing some of our own food helps control the quality of our food. Even if you only have a window ledge or a balcony, you can grow something. Growing a garden takes some planning.

Homeculture Tip: Plan

Planning ahead for warm weather days, makes life easier and more enjoyable.  I love to plan ahead and:

Have a spare bag of ice in the freezer for guests or making homemade ice cream!

Have a spare full propane container for our grill, so if you run out while cooking, you can tinue with grace.

Have a garden plan.  It helps to ask myself questions.

  • What do I want to grow in my garden?
  • Where will I grow my garden?  Will it be in a container or a garden bed?
  • Will I start plants inside or will you plant dierctly?

Our family was sick this year when we normally planning our garden. Spring rains are here and Ihave about six weeks to plan and prepare.  Our family missed the window for peas.  We still have time for spring veggies if we plant them in containers.  We have some raised beds and a tiered garden.  those won't be planted until the end of May. This year I wanted to add a "Garnishing Garden." They are usually right outside the kitchen door for last minute garnishing.  My kitchen door opens on to a small deck and stairs a flight down to the yard. So, a traditional garnishing Garden is impractical for us. However, I have a idea. I will grow my garnishing garden in a long rain gutter attached to the the railing of our front deck, on the east side of the house.  This will catch the morning sun. having a garnishing garden there will be convenient, not havig to trudge down stairs. So, this week we are making our plans.

When you grow a garden and can pick food at its peak, your food has a dramatically higher nutritional content.

What about you?  What is your plan? Even if you have small space you can have a garden.  You can use containers on a small front step, on a windowsill, on a small deck, or balcony. Also consider you can grop vertically from a container.

Enjoy the Journey!

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