November 21, 2015

New- A Classic Christmas Devotional Anthology 2015

Do you sometimes feel that in the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties, shopping, presents and decoration that the real reason for the season seems to get lost? Have you been looking for ways to have a more Christ centered Christmas?

As a young mother I wanted to start family traditions that focused more on Christ. We started having a devotional each night before Christmas in December. This has been a family tradition for nearly 20 years! The tradition was so wonderful for our family, we also created devotionals to celebrate other holidays, as well. (Yes, those who did not have a chance to get our Thanksgiving Devotional on special can still do so throughout the month of November.) 

This year we created a new, full color, classics based Christmas devotional: A Classic Christmas Devotional.

 A Classic Christmas Devotional is a Christ centered, classics based anthology of Classic Christmas themed art work, Bible verses, quotes, the Spirit of the Season Challenge, poems/carols, and classic Christmas stories. Bonus- Christ Centered Family Christmas Traditions: From Our Home to Yours.  This is over 240 pages of content! We have had a family tradition, for over a decade, of an evening Christmas devotional, each night throughout December. This is 31 days of KJV Bible based content designed to be used as a daily devotional to focus our hearts and minds on Christ and Christmas.  This is devotional can be enjoyed on an I-Pad, kindle, laptop or printed and placed in a binder. 

This devotional is customizable to your family's needs. If you have a minute or two or children with short attention spans, just read the daily scripture at one of the family meals. If you have a minute more, add the quote. What if you have five minutes, then add the poem or Christmas carol. If you would like a wonderful way to start or end the day and have perhaps 10 minutes or more, take the Spirit of the Season Challenge and include the Classic Christmas stories; some are very short and others are a chapter from a classic story. This is a tradition that can grow with your family. 

A Classic Christmas Devotional Anthology

We invite you to enjoy this new Christmas family tradition! 

Click the link below to purchase A Classic Christmas Devotional, today!

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