Less is More- Why It’s Important to De-Clutter Our Lives

Less is more, especially when it comes to commitments to things outside of God, family, and home. When outside commitments rise, the time to: draw near to God, do laundry, make nutritious meals, read that book, sew that outfit, paint that painting, time with spouse, time with children, and for wholesome recreational activities can decrease dramatically. An over-busy life turns desired projects, the resources, and tools to do them, into a burden. A cluttered life or an over-scheduled life can become a weighty burden of distance from God, our source of strength, as well as, family, the not done projects, neglected learning, and the underdeveloped talents. Then turns all of it into clutter and guilt.

The place to begin in de-cluttering and simplifying is first by the de-cluttering of our hearts, time, and commitments. As we simplify the focus and pace of our lives, we find that there is more time for relationships with God and family, more time for service, more time for personal enrichment, more time for fulfillment, more contentment, and satisfaction.

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