Homeschool Power Conference

by Donna Goff

October 1, 2, 3 - 2019

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LIVE - ONLINE - October 1, 2, 3 - 2019

 "Come learn! Master everything you need to know about homeschooling - from soup to nuts - all in a few days. LIVE online interactive sessions, plenty of time for Q&A, I will be Mentoring YOU!"
Donna Goff
The Homeschool Mommy Mentor

This conference has ended, please get the MEMBERSHIP here - to access the recordings later!

How do you do it, Donna?  Can you mentor me?

I get asked this all the time, so just to say I HEAR YOU, I’m doing something unprecedented….

I’m going to teach you how I homeschooled all 7 of my children for 38 years: How I set my children up for success, my unique MAP, how I lit a fire for my reluctant child (and myself)

  • I’ll teach you how to homeschool for VICTORY, how to keep discipline and order throughout your home and family, WITH JOY - how to give yourself a break without taking anything important away from educating your kids  
  • I’ll show you how to use curriculum and many other tools as building blocks, and how to homeschool multiple children while ditching the stress of being bound to multiple grade levels (I call this A 21st Century One Room Schoolhouse approach)
  • I’ll share tips on character, refinement, social skills, and strategies for Kids of Accelerated Learning Ability (I call these KOALA’s), and we will talk about homeschooling the exceptional child
  • I’ll describe the many different philosophies and methods of home education, how to choose what is best for your family, and what I would avoid if I had to start all over again
  • I’ll give you the keys for a stellar finish – what is needed for breadth of knowledge, depth of knowledge, Pathways to college in the 2020’s (be prepared, there are BIG changes coming), and explain all the records you need for college, general life skills and employment, and entrepreneurship

And I’m covering all this and much more in just THREE days …. LIVE - October 1-3, 2019!

Because of the attention and dedication involved with private mentoring, mentors charge a premium fee for one on one sessions.  Fifteen (15) hours of private mentoring like this could easily run well over $1300, still far less than what most private mentors charge – however, I don’t have that many hours available for all who are asking.  So I thought, how can I help people who cannot afford private sessions, and still give the one on one mentoring that you need?

On October 1st thru October 3rd, I will be conducting my first ever online Homeschool Power Conference – designed to give you everything you need to have a homeschool Victory, start to finish, from SOUP TO NUTS – just as if I were mentoring you one on one!  It will be 5 power-packed hours each day.

Join me live and get your questions answered, for a very special price!  The conference ticket is a one time price, for all three days of LIVE mentoring – all 15 hours!  The first 100 people to sign up for my Homeschool Power Conference, will receive a $40 discount off the conference ticket, and extra entries in my special drawings throughout the conference.  

This conference has ended, please ​get the MEMBERSHIP here - to access the recordings later!

YES, there will be plenty of Interactive Q&A!

We will stop at the top of every hour so we can debrief and you can ask questions.  While I’m grabbing a glass of water and getting ready for the next session, you will still be able to submit questions with my live moderator, and we will be sure to address them.  This is a lot of information, everything that I know about homeschooling, and I want you to walk away from the conference with confidence that you can do this.

Think you don't have time for this?

I will be sending tips to registered attendees for keeping your children engaged in other activities, meal prepping, and challenges for them to do, while YOU attend the conference from your home.  You CAN still homeschool and attend this important conference, and it will be empowering for you!

This is not a product sales pitch from a bunch of different vendors.  There will be no replays, it is a LIVE conference from the comfort of your home – no powerpoints, no pre-recorded material – just you and me, Donna Goff, and I will be personally Mentoring each and every session  – it will be fun, interactive, and very Powerful.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, needing a restart, or just want experienced guidance from a 38 year homeschool veteran – This LIVE Homeschool Power Conference is a must do!

This conference has ended, please get the MEMBERSHIP here - to access the recordings later!

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