January 1, 2016

15 Minute Scholar 2016 Challenge

An old proverb says, "What is down in the well, comes up in the bucket." Whether we formally homeschool or not, every home is a school and all parents are teachers, either consciously and purposefully or not. You might ask, "What does a bucket have to do with anything?" Everything! In the case of families, I see the bucket as a metaphor for our mind and heart of the parents.

What words of wisdom have are in the treasure of our hearts to bless our children? What great ideas have you treasured? From the well of your soul what can be drawn up in the bucket to bless your family?

We are probably doing better than we realize. However, there is probably room for growth. Most of us find our life busy and crowded with many activities. We might wonder how we could possibly do more. Most of us can find 15 minutes. I was intrigued by former (served 1869-1909) Harvard President Charles Eliot's claim- "In my opinion, a five-foot shelf would hold books enough to give a liberal education to any one who would read them with devotion, even if he could spare but fifteen minutes a day for reading." It was this sentiment that led to the creation of the 5- Foot Book Shelf or Harvard Classics. It is with this idea we offer the 2016 Challenge.

I like this drip feed of great thoughts into our daily lives. I know moms are busy, but I also know that this small 15 minute chunk of time is doable. I chose the 15 minutes, because I want to establish habits and 15 minutes is manageable!

So, who is up to join me for the challenge? Join me on our Mentoring Our Own Face Book group for the Momculture: 15 Minute Scholar 2016 Challenge. I will post links in the file section to the original Harvard classics, these are public domain and found on Archive.They are free to read. These are hyperlinked dated lists and they are in pdf format so they can be downloaded to a kindle, I-Pad, lap top, or computer. Just read 15 minutes and write down one aha, or something that made you think. If you do not finish the whole reading that is Ok. Just 15 minutes is needed. Share your insights on our Mentoring Our Own Facebook Group here. This is not a competition with each other. We post our ahas to encourage and enrich each other.


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