Newsletter~ Summer Kitchen: Grill and Chill

Summer has arrived! The heat is on! Who wants to be in a hot kitchen? Whether you are buying them each week on summer veggie and fruit sales, buying at local farmer's markets, or you are growing them in your own garden, they are a welcomed blessing! These veggies are chock full of essential nutrients, water, and fiber. All of which tend to help nourish the body, provide the building blocks of health for the active months ahead, keep our digestive tracts working.

Tools to Make Your Job Easier:

  • A bread knife.
  • An Ikea salad spinner.
  • 1 dozen wide mouth quart canning jars.
  • 1 dozen pint sized wide mouth freezer/canning jars.
  • 1 dozen 1/2 pint sized wide mouth freezer/canning jars.
  • Optional- 1 dozen half pint regular mouth.

As you can see, I am not much for plastic and disposable bags. The jars and lids used this way can be used and reused. You can use clean lids that were used from canning and use them in the fridge or freezer if you do not bend up the lids, but they cannot be reused for canning.


You cannot reuse metal canning lids for canning.

Tips for a Summer Kitchen...

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