Newsletter~ How to Create a Homeschool Yearbook

I am excited for this new school year and I hope you are too!

Have you considered creating a family homeschool yearbook committee? Whether you or one of your children are a budding photographer or just a hobbyist, you can create a lovely homeschool yearbook. Most of us have a smartphone, a tablet, a Kindle Fire, or a camera, so let's put them to work for us. Even if you do not have the finances right now to put them into the yearbook format, get those digital pictures then take a few minutes to label and save them in at least two places, while they await being chosen for the year book. I suggest saving pictures on google drive (free if you have a free gmail account), on your PC, laptop, or external drive. If you have it on google drive and one other place, you are less likely to lose the photos if something happens to your phone or photo device!

20 Ideas for a Homeschool Yearbook...

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