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Homeschool Essentials Registration 9.28.17

HomeSchool Essentials Webinar~Math: A Mastery ApproachThursday,  28 September 2017, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time2:00 PM Mountain Time, 3:00 PM Central Time, and 4:00 PM Eastern TimePlease share the link below with friends who may be interested. A 21st Century Approach to Teaching MathHow can the 21st Century Mastery Approach rock your home school?What is the Mastery Approach and […]

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Newsletter~ Summer Laundry

Do you ever feel like laundry never seems to end? There is always more laundry to do tomorrow. Streamline your laundry process. Invite your family to a sorting party and later to a folding party. Laundry Day is always more enjoyable when shared!Five Tips for Summer LaundryTo Continue Reading this week’s Newsletter: “Summer Laundry” and learn […]

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