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7 Ways I Ditched Stress, Invited Calm, and Became a Victory Lady

My original Victory plan was plain and simple.  Original Plan 1. Walk I woke up, dressed, grabbed the flags and put them out, hanging from the deck as I headed out for a morning 1.5 mile (30 minute walk) 2. Shower I came home, showered, dressed, put on brow shaper (my brows are turn white […]

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How I Reclaimed My Stressful Life

In April 2103, I spoke at a conference in the Portland, Oregon area. They put me up at a lovely guest house in the country. It was a healing and very restful stay. Oh, how I longed for that calm in the midst of June! In June 2013, the stress really hit me. I had […]

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Are you a “Keeper at Home?”

I was reading Titus 2 (King James Version) and it sounds like women are to stay home and take care of the house. Really?  What is a "keeper at home?" I looked at other English translations: New International Version Bible- "to be busy at home…" New Living Translation Bible- "to work in their homes…" New […]

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Children Two through Four- What should I be Focusing on?

I am a member of a yahoo group where this question was recently posted. I thought I would answer it here. "I am wondering if some of you could share the things you've done with your toddlers/preschool age children. My daughter turned 2 in June and up to this point we have never had a set […]

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Trade in Your “To Do List” Guilt and Become a Victory Lady!

How is your "To Do List"? Does your list make you feel guilty or overwhelmed? Most of us do not need a list to tell us what needs to be done, because we are reminded every day by what we see with our own eyes! I feel that we (as wives and mothers) do not […]

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Less is More

Less is more, especially when it comes to commitments to things outside of God, family, and home. When outside commitments rise, the time to: draw near to God, do laundry, make nutritious meals, read that book, sew that outfit, paint that painting, time with spouse, time with children, and for wholesome recreational activities can decrease […]

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