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Newsletter: Celebrate Learning

Personal Question? This time of year is graduation time. When I was a child the only graduations we received were from High School or College. In my grandmother’s generation they graduated from eighth grade and went to college. Now there are kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college graduations.Commencement into Adult Life I am […]

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Newsletter: Naturally Writing

Writing is a tool for communication, learning, research, record keeping and creativity.​​​​​​​ Yet, the way we teach writing (in this country) causes many children to hate writing. Many buy a curriculum with endless workbook pages and worksheets. Children begin to resent the busy work and often lose sight that writing is a valuable tool.For beginning […]

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Newsletter: What About Socialization???

Yours!!A lot of homeschool moms get the question- “What about socialization?” This question is usually asked about the children. However, since this week’s newsletter is about momculture, we will discuss mom’s socialization…To Continue Reading: To finish reading this week’s Newsletter What About Socialization. We invite you to check your inbox if you are already a subscriber. […]

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