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How Can We Overcome the Entitlement Mindset?

Our culture cultivates an entitlement mindset. In the name of equality and fairness, children receive awards for showing up, rather than for the accomplishment. Children are promoted through grades to remain with peers, not because of mastery or readiness to learn new knowledge. To learn money management, children receive allowances they did not earn. Children […]

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What is the Hope Chest Journey?

Recently I have received inquiries asking: * What is the Hope Chest Journey? * Why is it of value? * How do I take a Hope Chest Journey? The Hope Chest Journey was once an institution or method of educating and preparing daughters for their future. A Hope Chest was not just a fancy box filled […]

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The Hope Chest Journey- A Return to Beauty and Grace

When my daughters and I launched our original website in 2009, we: –Articulated the Hope Chest Journey. –Built mother-daughter circles of support and learning. –Created resources to assist mothers and daughters on their Hope Chest Journey –Created resources to assist women in Rediscovering the Lost Arts –Created materials for the mother-daughter circles. Yes this site […]

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Professional Education of Today

Professional education of today, grew out of the medieval guilds, associations, and the cathedral schools that Charlemagne proposed. Charlemagne saw the need for educated clergy and local government officials. He wanted to make the education available to any boy who was smart enough and wanted to. Priests running cathedrals and monasteries were asked to create […]

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Public Education: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Many of America’s public schools appear to have a lot of good going on in them. There are dedicated inspiring teachers. Many students have access to state of the art technology.  From coast to coast creative teachers offer innovative and inspiring programs. “Education” is an American tradition complete with school lunches, yellow school buses, sports, […]

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Three Models of Education

Throughout history there have been a few competing models for education of children. Individualized Education From the beginning of time parents passed their knowledge from parent to child. Some also hired mentor, tutors, or governesses to assist in teaching their children at home. Home education is the oldest form of education. It is also the […]

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Leadership Education: An Unsurpassed Education

The individual approach to education is the oldest form of education; it began in the home, before schools were ever created. For devout religious societies such as the Ancient Israelites, this kind of education was passed from parent to child within the home. Many great masters in the arts have been very successful with this […]

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